Promotional Products

Tangible and Useful, Lasting and Fun

There is simply no downside to incorporating promotional products into your marketing strategy. Promos cut through all the digital noise and give consumers something they actually want and use.

It’s win-win advertising

Everyone loves free swag. Period.

Freebies, tchotchkes, giveaways, gifts – whatever you want to call it, everyone loves receiving it. You’ve immediately engaged potential customers to take note of your brand.


Provide exceptional longevity

57% of consumers who own promo products report that they have kept some for more than 5 years. That is repeat recognition and reinforcement for your brand. Even promotional pens are kept for an average of 9 months. (ASI global impression study 2020)

The “pass along” factor

You may not use your gifted swag, but surely you know someone who would. So you pass it along. Just like that, a new person is introduced to your business and your brand message keeps moving. Waste not.

High ROI

Promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising. A logoed T-shirt that costs $7 will have a CPI (Cost per impression) of only 2/10 of a cent (ASI, 2020). With a low CPI, giveaways are a cost effective way to promote your business.

Get Creative for Leads

My friends @MassanuttenResort wanted to promote their property as the premier, all-season wedding destination in the heart of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.


Find a unique giveaway for an upcoming bridal trade show.


Custom branded wine cork USB drive.

The Promo

They were able to share pictures of their beautiful grounds and guest rooms, the multiple amenities, event catering options, bridal packages, and more… All of their info, menus, pictures, and videos were preloaded on a memorable, useful, and lasting promotional giveaway.


Trade show marketing made easy!

Call for new ideas to get more leads

Promotional Product Examples

Collapsible Water Bottle

Created for attendees at an all day conference to keep them hydrated. Instead of providing bottled water, these collapsible water bottles kept everyone connected around the water cooler and was a memorable takeaway from the event.

Power Bank

Fuel for your phone! Holiday gifts for clients of Passerilio & Staiano CPA – they are there to back you up.


Created for a tradeshow, this great pen helped introduce new car repair digital technology. The wheels spin like a HotWheels car, so fun!

Custom Gift Box

This Valentine’s Day gift to client’s referral partners was a HIT!  A custom designed, delicious and delivered, thank you for your “spread the love” referral partnership is how you build relationships. Office recipients can’t wait for their yearly thank you gift.

Custom Apparel

When you brand your business or event on a t-shirt you gift (or sell) a useful product that is enthusiastically received, constantly worn and provides repeated brand exposure. Now that’s making the most of your advertising budget!

Stress Relief

Too funny. Perfect desk gift for the therapists that refer to Salis Divorce Law. Because sometimes you need a good lawyer to help you get your Zen back!


Distributed by the keynote speaker to event attendees. Full color custom decal with company contact information.

Custom USB

Custom USB with logo to out your client files on for them to take home.

Part of our service is to suggest products and offer you multiple options within your budget. If you would like to browse products on your own, feel free to click shop

“Julie is the epitome of cutting edge and creative. She demonstrates an expertise in her field and if you are looking for a product with flare and fun, she is the one. I have worked with Julie on a number of projects throughout the years and she has proven to be a consummate professional and provides talent, skill and a working dramatic edge. Anyone who works with Julie will enjoy her individuality and unique touch.”

Allyson, Directive Engergy, Inc.

Telli Creative Co. is always willing to explore all the options to find me exactly what I need. They are creative, great to work with and the price is always right!”

Candace, Fred Marketing

“Julie has come through time and time again. Last minute, specific budget, challenging concept. No matter the circumstance Julie delivers excellent ideas that fit the budget and timing – and result in happy clients.”

Marc, Marc Ingerman Design, Inc.

“I ordered these one gallon igloo coolers for my sons high school lacrosse team. They are a big hit! They take them to ever practice and game ! The coolers stay very cold for the whole day!! Julie at Tellicreative was extremely helpful and handled everything from start to finish!!”

Kelly, Happy Customer

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Nothing is better then collaborating with businesses to create exactly what their customers and employees will enjoy receiving as gifts!

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